Thrive Guidance

Business and Social Sector Consulting for Start-Up, Growth and Globalization 
I take a uniquely personal and holistic approach to working with organizational founders and entrepreneurs who would like to incorporate their passions into their careers.  Finding meaning in our work is becoming more and more important, and it is possible to experience equilibrium in our lives so that have plenty of resources for all that we desire.  I am most interested in knowing what your #1 goal is today and what seems to be keeping you from achieving it?

For most entrepreneurs, you deeply immerse yourself in your current project, and your work is part of all other aspects of your life. I offer you intuitive guidance while providing actionable steps to achieve measurable results. We work together to create a plan that, when implemented, will quickly impact your daily life and over time will shift your entire being. I have crafted professional-photo-resizedmany business plans and I speak the corporate language as well as the language of the heart. My niche lies in guiding you to identify that which gets you fired up about starting the day, and to support you in reaching a state of optimal performance. Within three sessions you will have a much clearer idea of what your next steps are meant to be, and you will feel motivated and inspired to move forward.

Think expansive and keep your eyes out for the miracles today. You are only limited by your thinking. Do not settle for a mediocre life based on mere survival. You were born to thrive!

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