That Moment

What comes to mind when you contemplate the term ‘essence’ in relation to oneself? For me, it is the core of who were cropped-cropped-sara-and-child-in-street1.jpgare, the soul, or you may substitute ‘true self’. It is that thing that is separate from ego, something that resides in the heart, and feels like home. Have you ever looked at a stranger and it is as if you know them, as if you have glimpsed a deep sense of belonging in their eyes? Perhaps it felt like what some people describe as fate, as love at first sight, or as deja vu. It is you. You may choose to discount that feeling, thinking it makes no sense, but I encourage you to pay attention, because I believe what is happening is that you are seeing your essence in their eyes. Have you experienced that moment but instead of stopping and commenting on the enormity of the connection, you continued on your way in bewilderment? Were you kicking yourself afterward and maybe even obsessing that you may have lost the chance of a lifetime? Did you feel incredibly lonely after that encounter that could have been so much more?

It happened to me just last night. And yes, I was kicking myself that I continued to pass by this person, rather than stop and engage and see where it would lead. When I arrived home after my run I started wondering how to maintain that feeling we get when we connect in a deep and unspoken way with a complete stranger. I believe that many of us are feeling increasingly separate – from each other but more importantly from ourselves, and from the essence of who we are. Some people spend a lifetime trying to get back to it – searching, seeking, wondering why they feel incomplete – hence the reference to ‘finding one’s other half’ when they fall in love. What if we practice summoning up those feelings for ourselves? What if we see each day as a blank slate with unlimited possibilities for mystery, magic, and exciting connections. What if we work to fill that other half with remembering who we are at our essence, by getting still and listening to our inner guidance. You know that voice that tells you to follow your dream and not worry about the details? Do not discount it or ignore it or make excuses any longer. Do not let the moment pass you by. Stop and say hello to your essence. Please.