Nothing makes me sadder…

…than when I hear someone who has basic needs met in the ‘developed’ world say: “I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this is my life for now.”

What?!? THIS IS YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW! WHY ARE YOU RESIGNING YOURSELF? If anything please resign from thinking yourself into the terrible corner that you are finding yourself in because you have decided the story of your life is going to be one of sacrifice. What about your dreams, your desires, the thing that sparks passion deep inside you that you think died when you were in your twenties, before babies and bills and broken marriages were a reality? What about the things you thought you would do and the person you imagined you would be when you were ten years old? Why did your story change? Do you say to yourself “life got in the way”?. What does that mean? Why do you use that sort of language? Is that how your family talks or is that your best friend’s story or is your partner stuck in a rut so you feel you need to join him or her?

One of my entrepreneur idols, Bo Eason, recently delivered a podcast that speaks to the importance of surrounding ourselves with greatness; of looking closely at who and what is in our environment because it will determine the likelihood and rate at which we achieve excellence. He references how the sperm that made us beat out 300 million other sperm so WE WERE BORN IN A WINNING POSITION. Okay, so maybe you don’t see life in terms of win/ lose and perhaps you recognize that it is truly all about the journey and less about achieving anything. Either way, if you are irritable and discontent with your current life circumstances there is a problem and it is probably not in the cards that you were dealt. In fact, if you are living a middle to upper class life in the Western world, the root of the problem is your reaction and attitude toward your life. Those are the two things you have the most control over and they are also powerful tools you can use to change your environment, your thinking and even your life circumstance. You know this already. I know that even you are sick of hearing yourself tell the same boring story because I have been there. I’m not asking you to zip your lips and stuff the frustration away (I’ve done that too!), because if you tell me you are fine, what you are really saying is: “I don’t want to hear myself moan again but I am actually feeling effed-up, irritable, neurotic and emotional.”

There will be days like that. When you start to notice a pattern of self-destruction or you have become fed up with your story, I ask you to consider committing to a great shift. I ask you to contemplate your ideal life, without holding back. What does excellence look like to you? Start with one day. Let’s talk about your ideal day.400_new_yr_mp4

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