Analysis Paralysis

Let's play like a 4-year-old today!

Let’s play like a 4-year-old today!

Ever have one of those sleepless nights when you just can’t seem to shut down your mind? What if we stopped trying and let it go – let it run all over the place, this helter-skelter monkey mind – and see what happens? What if we stopped projecting the future and dwelling on the past and surrendered to what is? Imagine if instead of thinking in terms of “I” and replaced the self-talk with us-talk. What if we dropped the phone on the table, left the building and just kept walking? For a moment, consider what your life would look like if you were not distracted by fear-based emotions which includes self-centered thinking and reactionary behaviors. Have you ever kept track of how many times you ask “Why?” in any given day, questioning yourself and others? How does it feel in your body to trust that everything is perfect exactly how it is in this moment?

My final question for you today is this: How do you know when something is right?

We teach what we must learn and for me this is more true than ever. Just for today, do something that is totally unlike you.

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