What Class Are You?

Have you ever felt like a second-class citizen? When was the last time and how did it affect you? More importantly what did you do about it?

I sure have and in looking back, almost every time it was a situation that I had chosen, consciously or not. It was (and is!) related to self-worth for me. For many people around the world it is not a self-selected place to be, especially for people who have been violated or groups of people who are regularly subjected to hate crimes such as racism, sexism, ageism, and other forms of bigotry.

It is fascinating to watch our own behavior and to notice how old belief patterning shapes our daily choices. As I was driving into the gym parking lot recently I noticed how so many people go directly to the far lot, like they just assume that all the good spots will be taken or they have already decided they have bad parking karma because not much goes their way (or maybe they want more exercise but I somehow doubt that!). I used to do that. I would actually drive by the empty parking spots in front of my destination because I assumed it was not for me – like it was reserved for VIP or maybe it wasn’t even legal. What?! Well, how about it was reserved for VIP and the VIP was me?!

Today I take that parking spot and moreover I assume there’s going to be a parking spot in front of my destination. I assume I will have the exact change or better yet, the meter will already be filled (pay it forward ya’ll)! Today I choose first-class living and that is because I am choosing to be better to myself – to honor and respect myself, and to be guided by faith rather than fear. I am re-patterning old belief systems that used to tell me I wasn’t good enough in certain (okay – all!) areas of life. There is a fine line between pushing oneself to achieve the unthinkable and pushing oneself past the last breath of life. It takes gentle discipline and persistence, and we certainly cannot master these humanisms alone. Let us each be sure we have a unique support network to make the big Shift. We are retraining ourselves to differentiate the voices that guide us to take action. Which one will you listen to and trust to guide you? Is it speaking to you from the head or the heart?

Today I am seated in one of those ‘best of second class seats’ (front of the pack, extra leg room…) on a flight across the U.S. first classI literally have my toe in the first-class section (small plane). I awoke from my nap with wafts of their warm, steaming lunch and the clanking of real silver on dish. I walk through their section to use their restroom (because I am good enough for that don’t you know?!) and see their discarded trinkets and snack packs, eyeing their lounge chairs with a tinge of envy. Here I am, edging in, almost there, wondering what it is that sets them apart. Oh yeah, they paid more, but is it really just money? I don’t think so. It’s never really about money. Money is a neutral tool that we all have access to and there is plenty of it in the world for every person to have $3 million. So what is it really? I believe it is all about shifting our mindset and making a conscious choice to take ownership over our futures; to claim what is ours and to take responsibility for reprogramming our lives. For those of you who have decided money is the source of evil or that you really don’t want to fly first-class:that’s cool and also your choice, but I ask you to consider the real reasons and try to imagine what it would be like to walk through your day with every single privilege opened up to you and your loved ones.

We are them. They are us. We are all part of the same. I see now that when I feel separate it is because I chose to be that.
See you in first class. pheonix airport