Inside Job

Today you must focus. We are going to take an inventory. You may find dusty shelves that you have been ignoring for years. You may come across cobwebs and perhaps even some bones, left behind by people you have never met but whom are somehow influencing your life. This is a big warehouse you have and some aisles are friendlier than others. There is no rush and you will not be alone, but it is time.

I know – you are very busy. Your life is very full and you have so many responsibilities today. You are already late for your first meeting and your child is crying. You have not even seen your best friend for a month and what you really want to do is take a trip; to get away; to sleep; to “catch up”. It seems like you are doing everything right and yet you still feel so much stress and some days it feels like you are treading water. Before you go to sleep at night – if you get to sleep – you go over all that you did, gauging your success on how many items you crossed off of your list, only to rewrite a new one for the next day.

It is time to let go of the distractions. It is time to rein in your energy which has become so depleted. You are doing everything right but you may be experiencing cognitive overwhelm. You are aware that something is not working and since you are reading this, you are ready to take time out to do that inventory. You do have time because we are going to make a list of all of the things that take your time each day but are not adding to your life. We will in fact lighten your load by transmuting those activities and thought patterns that are not contributing to your dream or your Passion Pursuit(tm).

Let us begin. Throw away your “To Do” list and start a new one. On a small piece of paper, write down the first three things that you feel you must accomplish today. Put it in your pocket. Drink a big glass of water. Now get quiet and listen. For today, just do the three things and listen.

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