Waking Up

Yes, coffee can help and you know I love it (private message me and I will hook you up)!

I heard yesterday that consciousness is the downside of sobriety. I think what he meant was that with increased consciousness we also get to feel the stuff that can be really painful and we are more likely to face fears and walk through the shadows of self. A primary reason for using drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances or behaviors, is to become unconscious and to numb the feelings, thoughts and emotions out. For anyone who has experienced addiction or substance abuse, you know that the problem isn’t really the beer or the crack. Put the drink down and what are you left with? All the $%@# that served as fuel for numbing out is still there and it might have even been doing push-ups in the other room while you were getting wasted.

We all have ‘stuff’, whether it is a result of our own choices or hand-me-downs from our ancestors (thanks Mom and Dad!). Good for you if you have been working through it in a healthy emotional state since your adolescence. For as much self-reflection and personal growth work I have done (with the support of many professionals and peers (gulp)), I continue to be amazed at how many opportunities show up every day for new ways of living. It is through becoming more aware and then choosing new responses that we can re-pattern and shift the consciousness.

There is a lot of buzz – even in the mainstream – about mass consciousness. The idea is that we are all part of one ‘energy’ and that when groups form around a common purpose something will inevitably shift. We each bring our own unique and individual consciousness to a situation, to a room, to a group, to a nation, and to the world. Studies have shown that even one person’s loving presence in a crowded room can transform the collective energy (Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Clinical Applications of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine, 2004.) Meaning, other people in the room will actually start to feel differently just from the influence of that one loving person, even if they have not spoken a word.
This is no longer ‘woo-woo’ and is not religious. It is scientific.

Yesterday I woke up to a new level and March 6, 2016 will forever be noted on my personal timeline of life-changing events. The world became a notch more crisp and I was attune to every detail around me. Without feeling overwhelmed by the crowds or the emotions of people with whom I engaged, I simply saw / heard / felt / smelled / tasted / touched life in a new way and with so much awe and gratitude, that I want to offer that gift to you too. I guarantee you that something so beautiful is on the other side of that sleep-state, you will never want to go back.