You have no idea what you can endure. Some days I am grateful for the challenges that life brings because I know it is leading to growth. Sometimes I just want it easy. I heard that when we think we are at maximum capacity we are actually only at 20%. That helps when I am running up a mountain and imagine how good it would feel to just stop, but then I remember how good it feels on the other side. That saying “pain is necessary, suffering is optional” goes a long way.

Someone told me that I am in the tunnel right now. She said “it is not a nurturing place and you have to keep moving.” She affirmed that I was doing all the right things and to keep the faith that it will all make sense someday soon. She told me it was okay to be angry, sad, scared, and that it was safe to share these feelings out loud. Maybe this is what it feels like to be born, emerging from the womb and into this new life on earth.

Right before the snake sheds it’s skin, it is temporarily blind. This protects it but also creates for a very vulnerable existence. During this period the snake other senses are heightened and it may hide, until it emerges stronger, with a new skin and increased resilience for another season. resilience snake